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  • Spa & Wellness
    Natural environment
  • A feeling of comfort surrounded by nature

    The Son Barbassa Spa & Wellness is located open-air in the unique environment of our finca, among lavender, orange and lemon trees which create a symphony of colours and scents which wrap us up and make us feel fine.
    Being open-air, you can enjoy the views of the countryside, among carob, almond and olive trees surrounded by stone walls, a scenery which changes with the seasons, the only sound being the joyful song of birds.
    All this while you are enjoying a relaxing massage, a manicure or facial treatment, if not a Finnish sauna, a whirlpool or just having a sunbath.

  • Whirlpool
    A bubble bath

    The Spa classics. Still, at Son Barbassa we prioritise nature, the natural scents and the beauty of the scenery. This is why the whirlpool of Son Barbassa is open-air, surrounded by nature. It holds five people. A privileged scenery among bubbles in 30 to 33 degrees hot water.

  • Solarium
    A natural environment

    The Son Barbassa Spa & Wellness is located open-air, surrounded by nature, among lavender, orange and lemon trees. Let the scents of the surroundings carry you away while resting on the sunbeds at one of the four solarium zones of the Son Barbassa Spa.

  • Treatments
    Massage and Manicure

    At Cases de Son Barbassa we wish to make your stay with us as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We offer facial treatments, manicure, massage and complementary techniques to wipe out stress and fatigue, ease ailments or just to let you enjoy moments of relax, comfort and well-being.

  • Finnish Sauna
    Relax in the dry sauna

    For those who love sauna, calm and nature, at the Cases de Son Barbassa Spa we offer a Finnish sauna which holds two to four people. A glazed dry sauna where the peace of the scenery may carry you away.