Discover the emblematic architectural and natural elements of this wonderful coastal town in Majorca

The coastal town of Capdepera, in the northeast of Majorca, is the place where our hotel Cases de Son Barbassa is located. In addition to the wonderful natural environment that surrounds the village and its paradisiacal beaches, there are other elements of a cultural nature that are a must-see. Combining leisure tourism with cultural tourism is possible when you visit this emblematic village.


One of the most essential and characteristic parts of the town's landscape is the Medieval Castle. Its walls can be seen from almost any part of the village, but more importantly, also from our hotel. While relaxing on our terrace or in our glass-enclosed restaurant, you can admire its beauty.


The Medieval Castle of Capdepera is a fortified enclosure built during the 14th century at the behest of King Jaume II. Strolling along its walls is a real delight for the eyes, as its privileged location offers a panoramic view of the entire town of Capdepera, and even of Cala Ratjada and the sea. The medieval tradition of the village is fundamental. In fact, since the year 2000 - and on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the village of Capdepera - a medieval market is held on the third weekend of May, in which the village goes back in time to the past. People dress up in costumes, bagpipes sing, and the smells of spices and food fill the streets. You can find everything from craft and jewellery stalls to musical and theatrical performances. People from all over the island flock to Capdepera this weekend in May to enjoy a unique experience.


But the Medieval Castle is not the only important architectural element in the town. In Cala Ratjada - also part of the municipality - you can find the “Torre Cega”. The March Servera couple acquired this palace in 1915 and since then, it has undergone several reforms that have turned it into a marvellous architectural work, a reference of style in Capdepera and in Mallorca. Its gardens are a true emblem and its beauty is spectacular. The name "Torre Cega" comes from the old watchtower, which was not visible from others and only protected Cala Ratjada. The gardens of the site host classical music concerts every summer and have even been the setting for some films.


Finally, there is Canyamel, also part of the municipality of Capdepera. It is a residential and hotel area that used to belong to the municipality of Artà. That is why this is the village that gives its name to its caves. The "Coves d’ Artà" are a natural wonder. A guided tour lasting between 35 and 40 minutes allows visitors to discover the stalactites and stalagmites of prodigious shapes and extraordinary dimensions that the caves contain inside. In short, it is a true wonder of nature.


These are just a few examples of emblematic cultural sites in the municipality. However, there are countless other places, elements and stories to discover. At Son Barbassa we will accompany you on this marvellous journey.