The almond tree blossoms at Cases de Son Barbassa and suddenly becomes the protagonist of the landscape.

Farming is a sine qua non condition for any agrotourism. For this reason, at Cases de Son Barbassa it has become an inherent, fundamental and characteristic part of the hotel. Furthermore, for us it is essential to produce our own km 0 products. One of them is almonds, a fruit rich in protein, antioxidants and which provides the best quality energy. 

The period from the end of January to mid-March is considered to be the almond blossom time. And so it is, as can be seen by simply strolling through the fields of Son Barbassa, where we can now admire the almond blossoms, which range from white to shades of pink, and which have been part of the landscape for a few weeks now.

There are approximately 300 almond trees to be found in Cases de Son Barbassa, some of them very young and others old - some date from even before the hotel was built. While the eldest and most beautiful ones can be found scattered randomly in different parts of the surroundings, there is an exclusive area where the youngest ones, planted approximately 5 years ago, are grouped together. The almond tree, its flower and its fruit, become not only an essential part of the agricultural exploitation and the gastronomy that takes place in Cases de Son Barbassa, but also an essential part of the unforgettable natural landscape. 

But until September, seven months later, the almonds are not harvested. The process goes from blossoming to the appearance of the fruit, passing through the green leaf and the almond nut. A vital process that gives rise to a fruit that in Son Barbassa becomes the house emblem. It should also be noted that Spain is the second largest producer in the world. 

After the fruit is harvested and the best almonds are selected, half of them are sold and the other half are used on the finca itself. In this way, a synergistic relationship is achieved between the hotel and its own environment. Something truly special. 

As it could not be otherwise, almonds become the protagonists in several of the gastronomic proposals of our menu. Especially in the dessert section. The almond cake, which is served in the morning for breakfast or as a dessert accompanied by a scoop of ice cream. The almond granita, which can be eaten as a dessert in our restaurant, but also as a snack at any time of the day. And finally, the "crocanti" or "cucurucho", which accompanies the "higochumbo" ice cream. In this case, almonds add a special "Son Barbassa" touch to our dishes. 

It is also sometimes used in savoury sauces, such as the one that accompanies squid. And without a doubt, toasted almonds are the best ally of our bar's proposals, which, as we like to say, have a "Balearic flavour": a glass of Mallorcan wine from one of the best wineries on the island or a classic cocktail, among other things. 

It is also important to highlight some of the alternative uses for the almond shells: as a marinade, as animal feed, or for the garden. This is how some elements feed off each other: a kind of poetry is established between the different parts that make up this unforgettable paradise that is Cases de Son Barbassa.