Legal notice and general conditions

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The present general conditions of use regulate the access and usage of the various content and services included or accessible via the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website or the Site).

The website grants the user access to information on staying at the rural hotel Agroturismo Cases de Son Barbassa, Romantik Hotel & Restaurant, including information on the availability of rooms, prices, the restaurant, spa/wellness and other services.

These general conditions apply without prejudice to any specific booking conditions featured on the website and/or those sent to the user personally.

By using the website you become a user of the same. By using the website and any of its services you imply that you, as a user accept, without reservation, each and every one of the present general conditions as well as any specific conditions, which as the case may be, regulate the use of the site and the services connected to the same.

The owners of the site may, at any given moment and without prior notice, modify the website’s presentation and configuration, including the present general conditions, and introduce new conditions of use. These modifications will be published on the site so that the users may become aware of them before proceeding to use the site. By using the site, once the general conditions have been modified, the user implies that they accept the modified general conditions.



By using the site, the user implies that they are over eighteen years of age. Minors wishing to make use of the site must first obtain permission from their parents, tutors or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for all the activities carried out by the minor in their charge.

The user is obliged, in general terms, to use the site and the services connected to the same, in a diligent manner, in accordance with the law, in a moral way, without disrupting public order and according to what is set out in these general conditions and in any specific conditions which may apply. The user must also abstain from using the site and its services in any way which may impede normal functioning and enjoyment for users of the website and its connected services, or which may injure or damage the website’s owners’ assets or rights, or those of their providers, users or in general terms, those of any third party.

And without this limiting the obligations set out in the previous paragraphs, the user is obliged, when using the Website and its connected services, to:

  1. Not introduce, store or share any computer programme, data, virus, code or any other instrument or electronic device via the Website or through any of the services linked to the same, which may be able to damage the website, or any of its connected services or on any equipment, services or networks belonging to the website owners, to any user, or provider or to any third party, or which may, in some other way, be able to cause some kind of alteration or hinder the normal functioning of the same.
  2. Not use false identities, nor forge the identity of another person while using the Website or any of its connected services, including the use of third party passwords or access codes or in any other way.
  3. Not conceal or falsify the origin of emails in any way, nor intercept, delete or modify emails from other users, nor send any mass emails.
  4. Not destroy, alter, render useless, or damage the data, information, programmes or electronic documents belonging to the Website owners, their providers or third parties.
  5. Not use the content and in particular, the information, obtained via the Website to send advertising, sales messages or any other type of commercial communication, nor to collect or store third party personal information.
  6. Not introduce, or share any defamatory, injurious, obscene, threatening or xenophobic information, or information which may incite violence or sexual, racial, ideological or religious discrimination, or which is deemed immoral or against proper conduct, fundamental rights, public freedom, honour, the privacy or image of a third party, and in general, which is against current legislation.



ASESORIA LABORAL and GESTION EMPRESARIAL S.L (hereinafter referred to as ALGE SL) will not be held responsible for any damages of any kind in the following cases: (i) for it being impossible or difficult to connect to the communication network through which the Website is accessed, regardless of the type of connection the User uses; (ii) for the interruption, suspension or cancellation of Website access, as well as for the availability and continuity of the website’s functionality or of its services and/or content, when this is due to causes out of ALGE SL’s control, even if they originate directly or indirectly from the company itself; (iii) ALGE SL will not be held responsible for any of the services and content, nor for their availability and conditions, technical or otherwise, accessible through the same, which are offered by a third party service provider, especially with regards to information society service providers. By information society service providers we mean people or legal entities which provide the following services to the public: (a) transmission of data via a communication network provided by the recipient of the service (b) access services to the network cited (c) data storage or hosting (d) content or information supply (e) supplying temporary copies of the data requested by the users (f) providing links to content or search tools; (iv) ALGE SL will at no point assume responsibility for the damages which the information, content, products and services provided, communicated, hosted, transmitted, exhibited or offered by third parties other than ALGE SL could cause – including information society service providers – through a Website which can be accessed via an existing link on this Site; (v) for the subsequent treatment and use of personal information provided by third parties other than ALGE SL, as well as the propriety of the information solicited by the same; (vi) for the quality and speed of access to the site and the technical conditions which the user must fulfill in order to be able to access the site and its services and/or content; (vii) ALGE SL will not be held responsible for any delays or errors which may occur on accessing the site and/or to the functioning of its services and/or content, caused by a force majeure; (viii) the Website user will be personally responsible for any damages of any nature caused to ALGE SL directly or indirectly, due to an infringement of any of the obligations derived from these general conditions or other regulations that may apply to the use of this Website.



All the brands, commercial names or distinctive signs of any type which appear on the site are the property of ALGE SL, and in no case can the use or access to the site and/or its services be understood as granting the User any rights over the afore-mentioned brands, commercial names and/or distinctive signs. Specifically, the brands included on the site are subject to the applicable legislation on industrial property, and to reproduce or use them without permission from their owner is strictly prohibited.

Similarly, the content and information which appears on the site is the intellectual property of ALGE SL, and in virtue of what is set out in this Legal Notice, no existing usage rights or possible usage rights over said content or information can be understood as being granted to the User, further than what is strictly necessary for the correct usage of the site and the services offered through the same.

The site’s intellectual property rights, as well as any of the elements likely to the considered a piece of work in accordance with the Intellectual Property regulations belong exclusively to ALGE SL as they are the owners of the all the intellectual property rights.

The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights related to the content provided by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of the same.

Internet users who access the site can visualise the information contained in the same and carry out downloads or privately reproduce the content on their information systems, as long as the elements reproduced are not then transferred to a third party or installed in a server connected to the internet or to a local network. Without prejudice to what is set out in the present Legal Notice, the distribution, modification, grant, public communication or any other act, in part or in its entirety of the information published on the site is not permitted without prior authorisation from ALGE SL.

The user must use the content and information displayed on the site in a diligent, correct and legal manner, specifically, they must use it only for their own personal use and not for commercial reasons, and they must not delete or change the content or any mention of sources, copyright and other identifying data on the rights of ALGE SL, in other words, they must respect its original format. The copy, distribution or publication of any kind, of the information content published on the Website is strictly prohibited, without prior written authorisation from ALGE SL.