Committed to protecting the environment

Committed to protecting the environment 2017-05-19T11:45:50+00:00

Cases de Son Barbassa strives to continue introducing measures which maximise energy efficiency and promote the use of clean energy and of environmentally-friendly automatic vehicles.

At Cases de Son Barbassa we believe in electric vehicles – so much so that we have installed a double charging station which can manage the vehicle charging process in real time, providing our clients with a more efficient service.

The charging points have been installed and configured to offer a reliable, efficient and safe facility for all electric car users. They offer a simple and intuitive charging process.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Respecting the environment

We contribute towards preserving our environmental and scenic surroundings, promoting awareness and social, institutional and business education and activities.

All the energy we use at our facilities is sourced exclusively from renewable sources.



Spain is the fourth country in the world when it comes to the number of cars per inhabitant. So, it is currently facing significant environmental challenges. Its extensive vehicle population (of fossil-fuelled vehicles) has contributed to an exponential increase in air pollution, surpassing the levels recommended by the WHO in its main cities. This situation is made worse due to the high influx of tourism, an industry which is growing rapidly due to the current geoeconomic situation (Spain is the third most visited country in the world).

The high air pollution levels result in extraordinary measures such as traffic bans and have a direct effect on public health.

In response to this, the Spanish government is planning to restructure and implement sustainable infrastructures which would allow for a change in the country’s current mobility habits.